Getcha boots on and prepare to be astonished. There’s no better time to see the magnicent Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers. Why? Cause it’s crispy cold, cloudless days in the West Coast and that means NO RAIN, not until November. And it’s not ALL about glaciers either. Let’s get foxy (i’m so on fire today). People usually come from the north, so they hit Fox Glacier first and that’s where they usually stay. Fox Glacier has ravishing views and very accessible glaciers. I really like the village layout closeby. Gillespie Beach is about 25kms from Fox Glacier and definitely worth a visit, BUT check the tides first ok, then take the beach walk to the miners tunnel and the seal colony. Remember that thing I said about the “boots”? I’m not suggesting anything too strenuous, easy boardwalks mostly, but sometimes you gotta get off ya backside to see a sight so breathtaking, it’ll knock ya socks off!

Franz Josef has a different ‘feel’ about it. Explanation please! Ok dearest and demanding reader – firstly the Franz Josef glacier walk is shorter, but steeper and it’s busier. That type of ‘buzz’ has it’s appeal, but personally, if you twisted my index finger to breaking point.. I’d admit to preferring the quieter Fox Glacier location. Mind you, Franz Josef has a fabulous modern natural hot spring complex and at the end of the day what’s nicer than sitting in quiet contemplation of your navel as you waft in the steam. Don’t forget to drop by the Kiwi House, also located in Franz Josef. For either glaciers, a helicopter ride is a must. You won’t regret it I promise. Dining options in both areas.. kinda on the rustic side (howls of protest already), hey, that’s just my opinion folks. After a catchup at one of the bars/restaurants, don’t go back to your “Holly Homestead” accommodation wearing ya wobbly boots, ok?

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