The drive road from Rockhampton to the city of Mackay was so boring and never-ending.  We had bought supplies with us as – there were few ‘watering holes’ on the way. This road trip was really tiring, but Michael reminded me that the drive, Rockhampton to Townsville would greatly increase our knowledge of the area. We took turns with driving and changing seats and for some of today’s trip, that was the only highlight.

Driving to Townsville

When we reached Mackay, we  checked in to our hotel apartment.  The hotel receptionist provided us with a map of the city but she couldn’t tell us where on the map our hotel was located! Although fairly newish, the fixtures and fittings in the hotel were already  Too often we come across hotels built to budget specs. Paper-thin walls, noisy plumbing and sliding doors jumping out of their tracks. And why or why do the entry doors close with n earth-shattering slam? The only robust part of this hotel was it’s tariff and internet charges. This is one hotel we’ll be crossing of our list for our clients.


On the plus side, MacKay is a lovely tropical city with a beautiful wide river and a promenade full of polite cyclists and friendly Aussies. Love those Aussies!

MacKay City

Sleep came very fast tonight.  It was the I can recall Michael snoozing off in mid-sentence. I quickly joined him on the nod train.


Day 4:

Today, it was a totally different story. We awoke at 6.00am eager to resume our journey. The journey has taken a very nice turn.  We quickly found ourselves on a beautiful scenic drive towards Townsville.

Airlie Beach Road

As we crossd the Tropic of Capricorn, the bush became green and lush. In some ways it reminded me the West Coast forest back in New Zealand. We made a deter to Airlie Beach,  a very touristy destination with lots of backpackers.

Airlie Beach Road2

This is a base where visitors can visit The Whitsundays, an island group located in the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Airlie Beach roundabout

Water sports and aquatic adventures reign supreme here. The sea and marina views at Airlie beach are lovely. Even in the off-season it’s busy, but it’s an enjoyable place to be, with predominantly resort-like accommodation.

Airlie Beach views

We left Airlie Beach and just 9kms out of Townsville, drove into the mother of all traffic jams. No one had advised our GPS of all the road-works taking place. Many detours later we arrived at the newly built Quest Hotel. Our apartment was tastefully decorated. The furniture was stylish and solid. The staff were really nice. Great to have unlimited Wi-Fi and even better, a complimentary chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio waiting for us in the fridge. The quality bed was very comfortable.

Quest Hotel Apartment

Tomorrow our 14-day stay in Port Douglas begins. And for this reason alone, I can face one more day on the road!

Happy travelling.


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2 responses to “Drive Rockhampton to Townsville”

  1. Jan Roberts says:

    Look at that weather – looks like you’re here but bit warmer…… Queensland the place to be at the moment after the trashing in the State of Origin 🙂 Sorry league-head here – takes priority. Don’t think I’d cope with the drive either – you are doing well but your latest digs look worth the drive and hopefully Port Douglas will be the same. Enjoy – and stay safe on the roads.

    • GuestNZ says:

      …hmmm, the State of Origin produce some rather creative driving by the locals who weaved rather alarmingly to and from the centre line. Think the celebrations started well before the game. After a couple of heart-stopping moments, we arrived safely in Port Douglas. Boat trip tomorrow.

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