Travelling New Zealand weather options - four seasons in one day!

We’ve all heard it! “New Zealand’s weather can be unpredictable – sometimes four seasons in one day” This occasionally means that the tour you’re hanging out for is cancelled or certain highlights of a tour excluded. This happened to us recently when we booked a Swim-with-Dolphins-Tour. “It’s for your own safety, seas too choppy”. After my initial sulk, I imagined how I would cope with being swept out through turbulent seas, accompanied by the smiley dolphins I’d booked to see in the first place (well, they’d still think it was part of the game wouldn’t they?) Looking even further ahead, I could see how such a tragic turn of events would complicate Michael’s life – having to face the endless round of strident questions from bewildered family members. Tours aren’t cancelled or changed to deliberately annoy us – it’s a safety issue. But there’s good news! In New Zealand, plan B options are in abundance. We found a fabulous little high tech museum nearby – NO pontificating official following us to each exhibit (love the word “pontificate” might use it again). We could have taken a gourmet cooking class at the cooking school close by, just chilled out and watch someone else to the cooking then eat the results (great way to meet the locals). From a 4-wheel high country tour or vineyard/ wine tasting, we had plenty of alternatives. Plan “B” options can be arranged at very short notice, (though it helps if your travel agent actually lives here) It’s all done with a few clicks on the I-phone/I-pad and off you go…but enough of this pontificating!

Walking along the Abel Tasman costal park in any NZ weather

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