New Zealand travel distances charts and maps, showing major towns and tourist destinations, as a great way to plan your NZ trip. They provide you with a first overview. Generally you will need to consider an average distance travelled of 80 km/h in a rental car and 60 km/h with a motorhome. Distances are in kilometres – 1 kms = 0.62 mile.

When travelling the North Island you will need to take into consideration that the landscape is generally with more winding roads. Especially the Northland, Bay of Island and the Coromandel regions – which are often hit first for international visitors – are commonly underestimated.

New Zealand travel distances –¬†North Island

travel distances north island new zealand

New Zealand travel distances – South Island

travel distances south island new zealand

The South Island has more space and often the road are straight – at least when you start your journey from Christchurch going south or West. Once you go over the southern Alps the scenery as well as the roading does change. So, be aware of those facts.