The Queen Charlotte Sound day walk Marlborough, has some great short hikes.  This is good news for time-short travellers.  We recently did the 2-hour Queen Charlotte Sound day walk Marlborough from Ships Cove to Resolution Bay. We thoroughly recommend it!

Queen Charlotte Sound day walk Marlborough


Picton Water Taxi

From Blenheim to the Picton Wharf, its a mere 25min drive. The most efficient way of getting out to the bays is by way of water taxi from the Picton Wharf. The water taxi usually leaves at 8am and 10am. Now if you’re based in an apartment nearby, its only a short walk to the Picton Wharf. We were pretty keen and were up early at 6.00am. Planning and strategy is everything so hold on to your hat folks!

Queen Charlotte Sound walk and water taxi

We used the Cougar Line taxi company. The friendly skipper, a local, happily pointed out penguins, dolphins and fur seals. We were so lucky to see all three! First stop was at the Salmon Farm. Its necessary to have plenty of netting around to prevent greedy seals eating the profits.

Marlborough Sounds Salmon Farm and Seal


Bay of Many Coves Resort

Next, we were off to the Bay of Many Coves Resort in Queen Charlotte Sound. This resort is nestled in a very tranquil piece of paradise. The Chalets are stylish and constructed of natural materials. There are 3 restaurants at this resort, one of which caters for day visitors.

Bay of Many Coves with Pam

We spent an hour meeting the staff before re-boarding a larger water taxi from the Cougar Line.  This part of the trip was a great scenic ride. A half hour later we disembarked at Ships Cove to begin our walk to Resolution Bay.

Queen Charlotte Sound day walk Marlborough


Maori History

There’s a very interesting historical site at the beginning of this walk.  This site has much significance for the Maori people and it is sacred to them. Here, you’ll find a large display case with a written history of the area. The Maori carving is a real treasure of intricate designs.

Queen Charlotte Day walk Maori site

Now, just a word of caution, you need to be reasonably fit for this walk.  There is quite a bit of uphill walking, plus it is also thirsty work.  It pays to remember the essentials such as  snacks, sunblock and of course water. Throughout New Zealand, you’ll often get the track to yourself.  Today was no exception.  Its a very special time and so peaceful.

Queen Charlotte Day Walk Michael walking


Scenic Paradise

Less than an hour into the walk, a couple of tired walkers coming back the other way, asked how further it was to the beginning of the track. We gave them a time estimate but kindly left out the bit about the steep climb at the end. I imagine this is the sort of view you might see in the brochures:

Queen Charlotte Day Walk Ocean views

Our early morning start was taking its toll on a certain someone and there was no better place to take a rest.

Queen Charlotte Sound Day walk and sleep

The forest was alive with birdsong.  The Tuis and Bellbirds are so melodious and we love the special sound of the Kereru (Native Wood Pigeons) as they fly through the trees. Everything is thriving here.

Queen Charlotte Day walk birdsong

After we reached the wharf at Resolution Bay, there was only enough time to for a few stretches before being collected by our water taxi.

Queen Charlotte Day Walk Resolution Bay end

The boat was full of happy travellers and it was a fun ride back.

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4 responses to “Queen Charlotte Sound day walk Marlborough”

  1. Jane Smith says:

    Bless their little Pommy hearts for mistaking wekas for kiwis. That will make their holiday! Very much enjoy your writing, Pam. J XXX

    • GuestNZ says:

      Thanks for your comment Jane and as to those dear wee poms, thankfully they made it to the last ‘hurdle’ and were last seen proudly showing their mates all those Kiwi photos. We still didn’t have the heart.P

  2. Jan Roberts says:

    I’ve had that happen many a time Pam – we saw Kiwis today, mmmmm nope – daytime so can’t possibly have! Is always hard breaking their hearts and letting them know they’ve actually seen a weka. Queen Charlotte is beautiful. Had the good fortune to bike this from Ships Cove to Picton – many years ago now but it was an amazing trip. We saw seals, dolphins AND orca whales on our taxi ride – was an outstanding experience. Thanks for sharing yours although not sure about those early morning starts Michael……

    • GuestNZ says:

      Sounds like you have a great memory to cherish from your Ship’s Cove to Picton bike ride Jan. Wish I’d seen those Orcas – how fabulous would that be! When you’re in a water taxi, you really feel like part of the community as they pick up and drop of people and parcels – sometimes is the only contact these lodge owners and their staff get for many days. Michael is having a 6.00am start tomorrow. I’ll be sleeping blissfully on this time!

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