Its time we caught up with progress rebuilding Christchurch City. Upon arriving in Christchurch a few days ago, I discovered an added layer of texture and vibrancy. Victoria Street is now filling up again with new stylish buildings, fabulous cafes and restaurants. Permanent structures, yet again!

Christchurch rebuild Victoria Street cnr

We lunched at Strawberry Fare Restaurant (great service) and walked down to the Botanical Gardens, a vast and beautiful landmark filled with happy travellers. The exquisite perfume from the rose garden permeated out senses, each bloom vying for my attention.

Christchurch Botanical Gardens roses2

I love the new Visitor’s Centre and it’s large café. The glasshouse design of this building complements the surrounding environment.

Christchurch Garden Visitor Centre

No visit to Christchurch is complete without a walk through Hagley Park. When you’re absent for any length of time from your home city, you realise how much you took for granted. I can’t remember these trees being such giants. Did I ever look up?

Christchurch Hagley Park trees

The tourists were up early this morning and chose a tranquil time to take a punt down the Avon River. They were mostly silent as they glided down the river, pleased to be at peace with the world.

Christchurch Punting2

This is the first time I have visited Christchurch without a sense of foreboding. The new buildings have a steely and resilient look about them and progress gained momentum. It’s great to be back. Next stop, Lake Tekapo – time to repack the suitcase.

Happy travelling.

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2 responses to “Progress rebuilding Christchurch City”

  1. Jan Roberts says:

    It is great to get some positivity from a visit to Christchurch. Was always such a beautiful city so good to see them making progress to becoming one again. The Avon River and botanical gardens were always a lovely feature so nice to see people still enjoying these green areas.

    • GuestNZ says:

      Yes it’s good to see so many tourists back here. I think the majority of demolition work has been done, as you don’t see a skyline of cranes anymore. Fantastic restaurant/café scene in the suburbs as well.

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