Auckland City – does it excite me? Ok, let’s just say big cities are not my thing, but before you screech ‘Party Pooper’, let me explain. The buzz of the ‘City of Sails’ is energising for a lot of folk but I like to retire back at night to a nice quiet place OUT of the city…and this time next week, that’s NOT gonna happen. We’re taking our blog to Auckland and Waiheke Island for a few days. Three nights in Central Auckland people! Have to maximise the positives though, afterall it’s home to the America’s Cup, beautiful harbours, great shopping and world-class restaurants (that part I really DO enjoy). Here’s hoping I keep my big fat thumb off the camera lense long enough to snap some great photos – yay.

Think I’ll take the ferry across to to Devonport – gorgeous little village. On the western side of Auckland on Piha Beach I’ll finally get to see where Anna Paquin cartwheeled her way to fame on the film ‘The Piano’ (says she, remembering that dramatic scene of Holly Hunter’s character sinking gracefully into the mud with her Victorian dress billowing around her). Looking forward to the ‘Bush & Beach’ nature tour out of Auckland so maybe I will enjoy myself. After Auckland, we’re off to Waiheke Island for a couple of days – yeah I know it’s the middle of winter but I’ve never been there before, so I’m planning on a vineyard tour (that way I’ll see a lot of the island). Let the countdown begin…

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