It’ll just take one sour look or an abrupt word from anyone before I sag at the knees into a self-pitying heap. Yes, already I’m missing my family and friends. Have I left the country? No, Michael and I have merely relocated to Nelson, now our permanent base. But we’re still in the mainland of course, but closer to the beautiful Abel Tasman playground – great stuff for our blog. Leaving Christchurch was not an easy decision. For a start, there’s my 90 year old mum, a beloved and stressed sister living in the eastern suburbs plus a musician brother looking for gigs. Riddled with guilt, I was….for a short time..but you know, already friends and rallies are diarying their calendars for a couple of days at Pam & Michael’s..around Christmas thank you very much. Yep, we’ve become very popular. Overnight sensations. Don’t worry guys, we’ll have the ‘welcome mat’ out.

Just found a great fishmongers on Wakefield Quay called ‘Guyton’s’. Lovely friendly girl at the counter. I didn’t feel like talking. She did. But those kind eyes of her’s soon had me babbling like a brook. I asked to smell the monk fish and it was “not a problem” (and neither should it be) no smell at all, not even the smell of the sea – virtually straight off the wharf and on to our plates, scoffed at indecent haste between sips of Pegasus Bay Riesling.

…which reminds me how much I’m gonna miss those Pegasus Bay wines. But hang on a minute, I haven’t left wine country. I’m still surrounded by premium vino and can’t wait to try Blackenbrook wines. Also Michael has this romantic notion of working for a couple of days in a vineyard, just for the experience, something to crow about to our clients..hmm. Did I mention that Nelson people always seem to have a smile at the ready? Mush be the shunshine – fill my glush again Miguel!

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