“Just remember, two rights then two lefts – simple”, says Michael as I drop him off at the Nelson Airport. I’m returning to the office quietly confident that it’s going to be a short drive. One wrong turn and I’m heading out of Nelson to lord-knows-where. There’s traffic buildup for early morning rush. My optimism plummets…as does my self-esteem. I must be the stupidest, saddest little person in the galaxy! It was a straight line for crying out loud and it’s turned into an army manoeuvre. Why have I never had any sense of direction! I saw a documentary about this once. Apparently there’s a scientific explanation – something to do with the brain’s grid patterns. Michael has a simple word for it. Idiocy! Passersby are so helpful but I know being a “newbie” in the area, is going to wear a bit thin. Very soon. There’s a funny sorta intersection turning into Wakefield Quay Road and ‘winging it’ is not my idea of safe driving. Hey, maybe it’s ok if you toot your horn continuously while carrying out a forumula-one type move. And whatayaknow, it works! (just kidding).

So I’ve made it back at the office and typing away quite happily. Actually, the office has become my sanctuary (still traumatised by the earlier fiasco). The sqawk of scavenging seagulls draws my attention to the fishing vessels gliding into harbour. Wow, so many varieties of fish to be had in this beautiful country. Never again will I buy fish from a supermarket! Hey, I can see Ruby Bay across the harbour and it get’s me thinking. Now that we’ve relocated our home and office, it’s time to plan our next trip for the ‘theoutsideoffice’ blog. Michael has a kayak trip in mind and a day out on a boat somewhere. Speaking of the Boss, he’s actually flown to Christchurch to collect his beloved ‘Beetle’ (not a pet beetle, but his ‘clapped out’ old Volkswagon Beetle – convert it into a sewing machine or a lawnmower and you’d never know the difference) He’ll leave Christchurch at lunchtime and will drive other motorists insane as drives back to Nelson at a reckless 60kms. He’ll be tired after a long day – should have gone with him as his chief navigator. Hardy ha ha!

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