The Little Bitro in Akaroa is a cute little restaurant. Superb food and service!

We arrived at Vangionis at 7.00 and the place was ‘buzzing’. The cutest little maitre d’ looked thrilled to see us. Thrilled! As it was a chilly autumn night, we avoided the outside area – great in summer though. Ok the restaurant gets noisy but it’s casual and child-friendly so that’s to be expected. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on Jean-Paul’s explanation of the menu, his accent is so beautiful (that’s NOT actually his name by the way). We shared a very nice pizza with a Greek salad (not one wilted leaf in sight). For our last night, we chose “The Little Bistro” – aptly named as it turns out. Michael is 6ft 3ins and was forced to fold in and out of his seat like a pack of cards but did well. Did we like “The Little Bistro”? We loved it! You’re sitting so close to other diners, it’s really ok to join in a conversation with total strangers – a novelty we enjoyed. The food was artfully prepared and I appreciated the staff acknowledging my birthday – complementary dessert wine and a wee candle with my chocolate mousse – slightly miffed when no one broke into a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ (just kidding – not). Oh, and another thing, we got to see our little French maitre d’ from Vangionis again – waved furiously at us from across the room. You gotta love small towns!

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