The phantom-like shape that appeared at the foot of the stairs beamed a welcoming smile. Cool, a friendly phantom. Well, not exactly. Ann’s rather dishevelled appearance at Eliza’s Manor B & B, Christchurch, is to be expected these days. Although she greeted us with her usual warmth (hugs all round), dear lord she was dusty and with the hands of a blacksmith (not that there’s anything wrong with being a blacksmith). It’s all good though. Ann and husband have been given the go-ahead to rebuild Eliza’s which like most other Christchurch heritage buildings, suffered a severe amount of damage from our recent EQ (don’t make me say it aloud). There she was, bless her, mucking in with the tradesmen, stripping down walls etc..

Now some people would have been sunning themselves on a tropical island – someone like me – but not this dear lady. The tradesmen actually whistled and sang while they worked, Ann’s indomitable spirit had obviously taken it’s toll. This is the kind of positivity Christchurch people are now famous for and that’s why the inner city of Christchurch is bouncing back so fast. Eliza’s Manor is being restored to it’s former glory and beyond..can’t wait to see that magnificent staircase again, those large suites.., those barechested workmen…sorry, I mean banquet room woodwork.

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