Your holiday planning New Zealand should be fun. But is it fun to spend hours of your precious time researching the web? Why not take a more focused approach? Think about your interests - how best to spend your time.

Planning Your holiday with a local

First, work with a travel professional - someone who actually lives in the country. Get direct and insightful answers in a matter of seconds - it'll save you so much time! Discover important facts you've never even thought of e.g - weather/ climate, distances, major events.

1 Step

2 Step

3 Step

  • After your approval we'll make all the reservations for you.
  • No payment is required until 1 month prior to travel (except flights).
  • Get travel documents as PDF, Online + Free Travel App - all data loaded!

Fun Holiday Planning New Zealand

With Holiday planning New Zealand, you’ll get a wide range of activities to choose from – nature, lifestyle and the unique activities so special to the New Zealand way of life.

Think about the level of comfort and style you require and we’ll choose the the right accommodation for you. You’ll get a beautiful personalised itinerary with every detail you can think of – we leave nothing to chance!

Guest New Zealand approaches travel planning in a strategic and time-saving way. We make travel planning fun!