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White Heron Tours Okarito Lagoon, Kotuku, Royal Spoonbill Nesting at the Waitangi Roto Nature Reserve.
White Heron Tours Okarito Lagoon, Royal Spoonbill Nesting - tour includes a 20 min jetboat ride.
White Heron Tours Okarito Lagoon, Royal Spoonbill nesting at the Waitangi Roto Nature Reserve.

White Heron Tours


View the majestic Kotuku (White Heron), the Kotuku Ngutu Papa (Royal Spoonbill), Kawapaka (Little Black Shag) and other Bird life - all in their natural environment within the Waitangiroto nature Reserve. This is a small group tour suitable for those who have a genuine love and respect of birdlife.

Tour Details - White Heron Tours Whataroa:


Tours to the White Heron Colony open late October and the Kotuku disperse from the colony about the end of February/Early March each year. This is a unique experience for bird lovers, as this is New Zealand's only Kotuku nesting site.


The round trip tour begins at Whataroa and  takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. From the Whataroa office, a short minibus ride takes you to the river to connect with the jet boat. The jet boat ride is a gentle 20 minutes each way. From the jetty, take a short boardwalk (500m) through native bush to the viewing platform where you can stay 30-40 minutes to view the birds.


Tours run under concession with the Department of Conservation and bookings are essential. Entry is by Permit Only and all tours are accompanied by a guide. Wet weather gear is provided.


Tours run at approximately 9am, 11am, 1 pm and 3 pm and maximum numbers are 12 per tour.

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