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Dart River Safaris - Queenstown - thrilling jetboat ride of spectacular New Zealand scenery.
Dart River Safaris - Queenstown - a small group tour in spectacular LOTR film country of New Zealand.
Dart River Safaris - Queenstown - option of taking some of the journey by kayak. Amazing scenery.

Dart River Safaris

Glenorchy | SOUTH ISLAND

Dart River Safaris takes you to the heart of a world heritage area. You'll jetboat deep into the pristine wilderness up a stunning aquamarine "braided" glacial river, beneath magnificent snow capped peaks mountains, walk amongst ancient beech forest, and enjoy a backroad journey by coach through "Paradise", home to several Lord of the Rings film locations. Allow 6 hours return.
  • Wilderness Safari

    The most scenic Jet Boating in New Zealand. A 1½ hour ride along the Dart River amongst towering mountains and the refreshingly beautiful wilderness of the Mt Aspiring National Park.

    Then take a short and easy walk, of 20-40 minutes, through ancient forests, unchanged for 80 million years. Hear an informative and entertaining commentary on the area and its history - including the quest by early Maori for highly prized pounamu (greenstone).

    Board your back road coach for a journey to Paradise and beyond. This 40-50 minute trip allows the opportunity to explore a region filled with spectacular vistas which have inspired many talented film makers to bring their projects to this area, including Lord of the Rings.

    Two departures daily. The trip may be completed in reverse order. Allow 6 hours for the full trip from Queenstown or 3 hours from Glenorchy.
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Guest New Zealand Personalised Travel Planning
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