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Help while Travelling in New Zealand

Travel Kit Details



  • Personal Travel Itinerary
    • In addition to your travel documents, you'll receive a full travel itinerary containing helpful suggestions, distances and local information (in PDF format).


  • Travel map book (on request)
    • On request GUEST NZ will provide a comprehensive map book which will assist you while travelling on New Zealand roads.


  • Travel guides (in PDF)
    • Regional PDF information guides are stored online on Your personal folder will enable you to prepare your holiday prior to travel.  You'll then be able to access details online while on the road.


  • NZ travel info (in PDF)
    • A quick guide in PDF provides helpful New Zealand travel information. Your personal folder will enable you to prepare you holiday prior to travel. While on the road, you'll then be able to access details online.


  • Set up TRIPCASE TRAVEL APP with your travel details (complementary)
    • You can use this handy travel app pre-trip (adding notes on your desktop) and on the road (tablet or smartphone) to keep easily track on your travel plans.


  • Portable GPS & NZ mobile phone (additional charge)
    • A NZ mobile phone & GPS will be provided on request.


  • Special guides books (additional charge)
    • Additional guide books  provided on request.
Guest New Zealand Personalised Travel Planning
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