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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why use Guest New Zealand for your holiday plans?

You'll get an authentic New Zealand holiday plus a customised travel itinerary designed by a New Zealand travel expert. We'll include stylish boutique accommodation (e.g. lodges, cottages and small hotels) and small-group tours (e.g. it's much better to spend a few hours with 5 people rather than 50!). Why not use our local knowledge and ensure you don't misjudge travel times and distances. Stay in beautiful locations and find those hidden gems! Please read what our guests say.


  • How much will it cost me to use your service?

Some people mistakenly believe that booking a trip through a travel agent will cost them more.  This is not correct!  We have excellent contract rates, so the cost to you is exactly the same and sometimes less. You'll also get added value from our knowledge and continued assistance while on the road (unforeseen hitches during your trip? - we'll sort them out!).  It's the full service: a detailed itinerary, all your travel bookings secured and a travel app (or PDF, your choice).



Unlike anonymous travel websites, we're accountable for the advice we provide.  We stand by our recommendations. We specialize in boutique travel. We're the  'locals' and we know the products we recommend  from first-hand experience. You'll get full access to the latest travel technology (e.g. using our travel app with all travel data loaded complimentary). Have a seamless and fun holiday! Guest New Zealand is a listed travel service by Tourism New Zealand.


  • How does the booking process work?

Using e-mail, skype and phone, a New Zealand-based travel consultant will provide a written confirmation of all bookings. Payment will be requested 30 days before travel. Once payment is made, you'll get a beautiful detailed itinerary -  either online, as a PDF or by travel app. We accept payment by credit card or Paypal. A service charge of two percent is applicable on both options. Alternatively, we recommend a bank transfer with no service charge applying. Generally, bank transfers are the best way for larger overseas payments to avoid exchange rate conversation fees as well as higher exchange rates used by your bank.



Since we are a small company committed to personalized service, creating and coordinating an itinerary for each Guest takes a significant amount of time.  We therefore require a deposit of NZ$50 to NZ$150 (depending on the effort we have invested on your behalf). Note, this deposit is fully credited back to your reservation file, so there are no additional charges to you.


  • Can't you just initially provide free travel information?

Of course we can, but as we're a small company providing a personalized service, we cannot function purely as an Information Centre. After a few initial conversations (by email, phone or skype) we will email you a deposit request (as a sign of commitment), which you can arrange by PayPal ( major credit cards also accepted). We will not charge any credit card service fees in this instance.



We'll certainly work to your budget and you'll get the best value. Often we come up with alternative accommodation, transport or tour service options/ideas, which will save you money and make your travel far more more enjoyable. This especially applies to the smaller, less known services. These can sometimes offer a much better 'deal' than the 'famous' and overpriced options. However, we are not a price-beating company. We remain fully independent and impartial.


  • How does GUEST NZ choose The OPERATORS/accommodation THEY'RE recommending?

We personally visit and review each property and operator we recommend. That way, we develop good relationships with those we choose. This ensures our customers experience the style and facilities of their choice.  You'll enjoy unique locations, stylish interiors, great food and charming hosts. Similarly for tours and activities, we recommend those with knowledgeable and friendly guides and only those with an impeccable safety record.  If we consider some properties are not suitable for our own friends and families, then they're certainly not appropriate for you, our guests!



  • What is included in the prices you quote?

We try to ensure your itinerary is as cost inclusive as possible. Your travel itinerary will not be 'fully loaded' with tours and trip, but you will have enough time to decide at location if there are additional activities you wish to do. All prices for accommodation are net per room unless otherwise stated. All prices include Goods and Services Tax and are quoted in New Zealand dollars.



  • Can we book international flights?

Guest NZ specializes in domestic travel within New Zealand, including domestic flights (e.g. our involvement starts with your airport transfer to the first accommodation). We can book International flights between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Guests from outside these countries should arrange their own flights to and from their home country.


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